STEFANO MONTALDO – IRENE VERCILLO, The potential of the right to petition the European Parliament: Reflections and proposals on the role of the University, in light of an activity recently launched at the University of Turin

ABSTRACT РThe post discusses the advances and shortcomings of the right to petition the European Parliament. Notwithstanding its theoretical importance, the right to petition has failed to become an authoritative means of direct democratic participation and civic engagement in the EU thus far. The unsatisfactory state of play is due to a variety of multi-faceted causes, including the chronic lack of funds and human resources within the relevant Committee of the European Parliament. Building on these premises, the post outlines some proposals for an improved management of the system of petitions, which entail the direct involvement of Universities. Such proposals stem from the experience of a desk РSportello EDO РEuropa, Diritti e Opportunità Рrecently launched at the University of Turin with a view to support EU citizens willing to contact EU institutions and bodies.


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