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di Patrizia De Pasquale

The Centre for Research in Law (CRiL) at the University of Bedfordshire is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for funded PhD research on the UK’s approach to asylum post-Brexit.

Redefining and reforming the UK asylum system in the aftermath of Brexit: Pulling up the drawbridge or extending a helping hand? (Reference: BUS-LAW)

The regulation of asylum and immigration matters in the United Kingdom is currently undergoing a substantial overhaul, including through the controversial changes introduced by the Nationality and Borders Act. However, the momentous shift in the relationship with European partners in the aftermath of Brexit, including notably the UK’s departure from the Common European Asylum System and the Dublin system, will not be addressed solely by tweaking a few norms. What is required is a thorough re-think of the UK’s position within Europe and vis-à-vis individuals in need of international protection. In light of the importance and complexity of the changes which will unfold over the next few years, it is a time of particular importance for academics to contribute to the debate, through balanced and informed analysis of the proposed reforms and by providing policy suggestions for alternative approaches.

Against this background, the Centre for Research in Law invites proposals for funded PhD research in the area of asylum and migration law, with particular focus on the legal aspects of the UK’s asylum policy in the aftermath of Brexit and the UK’s departure from the Dublin system.

We welcome applications from Home candidates (including those with EUSS and pre-settled status) and international students. Please note that international students will be required to cover the difference between Home and Overseas fees. For further details on eligibility, please see

For informal academic enquiries, please contact Dr Silvia Borelli (

For further details and to apply, please see:

Deadline for applications: 20 May 2022

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