ÈVE BULAND – ANNA FIORENTINI, The Day After the CoFoE (Act II): the EU Treaty Revision at the Mercy of Enlargement?

ABSTRACT – Almost two years after the end of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE), the spotlight of the European political scene seems to be focused (almost) exclusively on the possibility/need to broaden the borders of the European family. Against the current geopolitical background, the Commission, the Council and the European Council see enlargement as a major priority. Marginal, on the other hand, is the issue of internal institutional reforms, except for those that, without requiring a revision of primary law, could make it possible to overcome situations of paralysis in the Union’s decision-making process. The only strenuous defender of European citizens’ demands seems to be the European Parliament, which sets CoFoE’s final recommendations as the starting point for its recent proposal to reform the Treaties. Taking into account these different positions, the present contribution aims at highlighting their potential problematic issues in terms of respect for the core values and principles of the European order. Without any ambition to provide definitive answers, the intention is rather to stimulate further reflection on the constitutional implications of some of the avenues envisaged for the future of the European Union.


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